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Care Guide

Care Guide

Cashmere loves water! Do not be afraid to wash it regularly; it will only become more beautiful!

  • In the Machine

Ensure you separate light colors from dark colors. In the machine (recommended): use your wool program at 30°C. Gentle spin – a maximum of 500 revolutions. Never add fabric softener. 

  • By hand

Wash at 30°C with a special wool product. Be economical with the amount of product used. 
Wash, rinse, and wring out in a terry towel.

Drying and Ironing

Dry flat. Gentle ironing with a bit of steam to smooth out the stitches. 

Daily Maintenance

Do not pull on fibers to remove possible pilling. If necessary, use a special shaver for sweaters. Beware of moths which feast on this natural fiber. Use a natural moth repellent, such as lavender, cloves, or cedarwood, to repel them.

Removing food stains

Very likely with little ones, but fear not, stains can be removed quite easily if you act quickly!

Greasy stains


oil, butter, chocolate, etc.

You need to:

gently rub with dish soap and then rinse thoroughly.

Older stains


Old stains

You need to:

dampen with warm water and apply Marseille soap.

How to:

Step1: Add Sommières clay to the area to be cleaned.
Step2: Let it dry until it forms a thick paste.
Step3: Remove the excess.
Step4: Wash in the machine on the wool program.

Ink stains


ink, fruit stans

You need :

Water and alcohol

How to:

Step1: Prepare a mixture of 50% 90° alcohol and 50% water.
Step2: Gently rub with a cloth soaked in the solution, then rinse.
Step3: Repeat the process until completely gone.
Step4: Machine wash on the wool program.

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